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FAMG, a division of Northwind Corporation, is proud to sponsor Hannah Smilges in her efforts to encourage people to love and care for each other. Hannah has designed tee shirts with the message: I Love You (on the front)and I Love you More (on the back).

These tee shirts are sold to anyone who feels passionate about the message, but the tee shirts are also gifts from Hannah for various charitable causes. Hannah’s message reflects the mission of our company and is our pleasure to sponsor this effort.

Save A Life Campaign

In 2017, our associates chose to donate an AED to the Browder Family whose son was saved from a terrible accident that caused significant burns through out his body. The Browder family chose to donate the AED to their church.

In 2018, we donated an AED to the Compstock family who has volunteered to be the emergency responder home to their sub-division with the hopes of responding quickly and improving the possibility to save life.